Eduscho is a German company that began operations in 1924. In less than 15 years, the company employed over 1000 employees, delivering coffee by postal mail to 150,000 customers. By 1955, Eduscho opened its first store in Bremen, followed by stores in all the major German cities. Gala coffee was introduced in 1959, and was sold in bakeries, which furthers cemented the brand in German culture. Ten years later, the company began to expand into the surrounding countries, including Austria where it quickly becomes a top seller. In 1980, Gala coffee renamed their most popular blend as Number 1 to reflect its status on the market and its flavor and quality. Tchibo, a storied German roaster on its own, buys Eduscho in 1997 and continues to create new coffees. We have a full range of Eduscho coffee at really incredible price points!


Eduscho Cafe a la carte

Selection Medium Ground Coffee 17.6oz/500g

Eduscho Cafe a la carte

Classic Mild Ground Coffee 17.6oz/500g

Eduscho Cafe a la carte

Premium Strong Ground Coffee 17.6oz/500g

Eduscho Gala Nr. 1 – Der Klassiker 17.6oz/500g


Eduscho Wiener Extra Ground Coffee 8.8oz/250g

Eduscho Gala Nr. 1 – Mild 17.6oz/500g

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